Ashley Matthews

Co-Owner, General Manager, Rotational Instructor


I’m Ashley, a quirky woman born and raised in Scranton, PA. I love to travel and experience new things, always stepping outside of my comfort zone as much as I can. I discovered the magic of pole dance in 2016. I longed for an engaging fitness routine that I was able to stick to, connections with others because being a small business owner can be lonely, and to challenge myself. What I didn’t expect was discovering my sexy side, my poetic side, and dare I say the elegant version of me (I’m usually awkward and clumsy). All the different sides of me that make me, me.

I embrace the soul and love for women of all body types, colors, and sizes. Working with them, in both my photography and pole dance businesses, aids in my personal journey of uncovering my own beauty, confidence, and self-awareness. Inspired by music, feminism, empowerment, and vulnerability… you can find me learning anything to do with self-discovery, tarot, meditation, manifestation, and confidence. I value spending time with family, time in nature, and always taking a moment to appreciate the small things.

With my passion for creating a safe space for women and the empowering brand I built with Simply Lush, I am so happy to inspire others through a different approach, pole fitness. With my experienced portrait background and as a certified pole dance instructor, you can be sure that I will direct you effortlessly with a guided approach.