I often ponder the reason as to why people get hooked on pole dancing. Think about it; you are twisting your body around a metal pole, you get sore from the intense workout, and you are voluntarily hanging upside down a few feet off of the floor! Why would a person willingly put themselves through that pain and in the end call it FUN? 

Sounds crazy right?

There are a few reasons I can think of. Of course, there is a feeling of accomplishment when you learn a new skill, which leads to an increase in self-confidence. It is a way to express yourself in a unique art form.

But the reason I think people come back to pole is the sense of community. 

Being an instructor for about 8 years I have seen the typical chain of events in my beginner’s classes. Someone comes into the studio clearly intimidated. During class, the other students cheer and encourage them through their first little triumphs.

As the class progresses, I see them coming out of their shell, smiles widen, and they walk a little taller on their way out. 

The pole dance community is truly unique. I competed in a few pole competitions and I was stunned by the amount of support I experienced from people I was competing AGAINST!

I saw rivaling studios cheering for each other, friendly conversations, and the swapping of IG handles. Backstage I saw competing performers helping each other with tricks they were trying to learn. 

How could this be? 

In my opinion, I think many people who chose pole dance as their hobby have experienced being an outsider. I mean, we chose POLE DANCING, a dance form clouded in stigma, as our form of expression. We know what it is like to stand out. This could not be truer for members of the LGBTQ+ community. From my view, I have seen people embraced for who they are in the pole dance community.

Are you a cis-gender male and love dancing in heels? No problem! We’ll welcome you with open arms.

The same goes to anyone within the LGBTQ+ community. The same goes to anyone else… regardless of race, ethnicity, or any other background. 

If you met me 11 years ago, I was a shadow of the person I am now. Granted, given that amount of time we all change. However, I contribute a lot of that growth to the pole community.

I was painfully quiet and even more self-conscious.

I moved to another state with no friends in a 70-mile radius so I decided to go to my first pole class. The women in the class were so supportive and friendly that it eased a lot of my anxiety and made me want to keep learning. Not only that, but every instructor I had was even more supportive.

Have you ever been to an exercise class and you feel like you’re on the outside looking in and getting no feedback as to whether you’re doing the right thing?

Rest assured, at our classes you’ll be getting the attention and encouragement you need. We understand what it is like to feel unfamiliar in a brand-new community and we want you to feel comfortable. Try your first class, we promise you’ll be walking taller at the end!

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