Our Studio

The Welcoming Atmosphere You Crave

The art of pole dance embraces and showcases our innate sensuality. Through the fluidity of movement and the quiet strength of aerial poses, pole dance is a symbol of the female experience. We wanted to dedicate a space to letting people explore their quiet inner power: this is how High Priestess Pole Studio was born. 

In tarot, the High Priestess symbolizes the divine feminine and intuition. This is usually shown by her surrounded by the moon, showing her connection to these elements. The mission of High Priestess Pole Studio is to connect the NEPA community with their inner femininity through dance. We understand everyone’s definition of femininity and beauty is different, and we aim to help you connect to YOUR interpretation. Each of us (the owners) have forever been changed through our pole dance journeys. It brought us a new sense of confidence and discovery of our inner selves. We believe everyone has the ability to reach their greatest potential and we can help you achieve that!

High Priestess Pole Studio is conveniently located on Main Street in Taylor, Pennsylvania. We pride ourselves on providing you with a unique and empowering experience through our diverse selection of dance and fitness classes. Our studio is a private space where you can feel comfortable with connecting to your body. We want you to feel your best!

Ready to harness your inner strength and unapologetic femininity?