Give us your fear and enter our safe space! Let us hold your hand and guide you through the style of pole dancing in our friendly, welcoming, and judgment-free environment.

Whether you want to pole dance to gain confidence or try a new hobby, there is no doubt pole dancing is a stimulating form of fitness.

You’ll find that pole dancers need a level of strength and flexibility to pull off their impressive feats. You don’t NEED incredible strength and flexibility in order to start pole dancing –

You GAIN strength and flexibility through consistently showing up and practicing!

One of the reasons I started pole dancing was because going to the gym was becoming stale.

I was new to exercise and I loved weight lifting, however, nothing was keeping me fully engaged. I did various exercises to target all the different muscle groups, but it was very repetitive to me. One day, I decided to take a leap and signed up for a pole fitness class. I thought I was strong before… I was humbled!

My hands were weak and shaky after my first class, and I loved it!

You’ll be surprised to learn and feel the different muscles that are activated when you start this style of exercise. Want to master spins and lift off the floor? Grip strength! Want to have graceful climbs? Glutes and legs, baby! Leveled up and learning that cool leg hook? Hamstrings! Meanwhile, the abs are doing most of the heavy lifting in every move!

The more I went, the stronger I got. I stayed on the pole longer, I climbed higher, and I was able to move in ways I couldn’t before.

It was the beginning of a romance that is still going strong over a decade later. 

Pole dancers don’t rely on strength alone; they make sure their muscles are just as flexible. Not only does flexibility open you up to a whole world of tricks, but it helps maintain the health of your muscles. Strong, inflexible muscles can be prone to snapping and tearing (trust me, I’ve dealt with it a few times until I learned how to stretch properly!).

Everyone has a reason for starting their pole dance journey and stayed because they loved the results.

For me, it was my newfound ability to do pull ups. For others it was the new sexy muscles, the ability to do the splits, increased balance, or just overall strength.

No matter the reason you want to start pole dancing, you will find a stronger and more confident you once you start!

Thanks for reading, Francesca