Policies and FAQs

Rules and Policies


  • Don’t be a dick. People come to HPPS for a chance to express themselves and be vulnerable; if you’re rude and make our patrons or staff uncomfortable, we reserve the right to refuse service without a refund. Repeat offenders will be banned from HPPS classes and events.
  • Remove your jewelry! Metal jewelry can scratch and damage our poles. Jewelry also presents a safety hazard to you: certain grips require full contact with the pole, and even a small break in that friction can cause slips.
  • Speaking of removing, no street shoes allowed on the dance floor! Street shoes track in dust and mud, and we want the studio to be as clean as possible for all of our sakes. Shoes specifically for pole dancing are totally fine, as are socks and disposable shoe booties we provide. Shoe racks are available at the entrance. 
  • Dress appropriately for classes – we have dressing rooms and cubby holes available for you and your things! Pole dancing requires skin to grip the pole, so please come to class in shorts, tank tops, sports bras, or whatever you’re comfortable in. If you’d like to remain covered, there are sticky-grip leggings and clothes available through some online retailers that mimic skin grip. If you want to wear less in order to feel sexier or more confident, you do you. Just make sure all the bits are covered!
  • Special equipment in the form of leggings, socks, and/or knee pads may be required for some of our low-flow or floor movement classes. We recommend keeping an extra pair of socks in your pole/gym bag.
  • We’ll have time at the end of class for you to be able to record the routines and moves that you’ve learned. Until we announce, please do NOT have your cell phones out in class. They’re distractions to other students and we don’t want anybody being recorded without their consent.
  • In the case of a party or event, please note that you are not allowed on the poles if you’ve been drinking. It’s a recipe for disaster and we aren’t having it.
  • Don’t talk when the instructor is talking. Do not back-seat teach.
  • Never bail and drop from your apparatus. Always come down with control. Foot/ankle injuries from landing badly are some of the most common aerial related ouchies.
  • Learn the difference between discomfort and pain. Smile through the former, stop immediately at the latter.
  • People on the apparatus have the right of way, always. It’s your job while on the ground to stay out of their way.
  • Don’t teach your friends, your classmates, your kids, or anyone else your aerial stuff unless and until you’re an advanced level aerialist or have teacher training. Beginners are super creative in how they mess things up, and if you don’t know what to look for or how to spot someone, you’re putting them and yourself at risk.
  • Learning from a video is a skill on its own and it’s especially tough when the video isn’t explicitly a tutorial. Don’t try it until you’re at least at intermediate level. And parents, if you have a pole at home, DO NOT LET YOUR TEENS AND TWEENS TEACH THEMSELVES FROM YOUTUBE.
  • Conditioning is super important. If you can’t do a fundamental consistently, then you aren’t ready for that cool new trick, and whining about it won’t make it so. If you have a teacher that lets you try new fancy tricks even if you can barely climb/invert/hip key/whatever, get a new teacher.


  • Please wear a mask if you are not vaccinated to protect yourself and others. Please sanitize or wash your hands before using equipment. If you are feeling ill or show any symptoms, please do not come to the studio until at least 10 days after symptoms end, or as recommended by the most recent CDC guidelines.

Late Policies:

  • Don’t be late, please. Coming in late disturbs the instructor and the students. It also takes away from your warm-up time, which can be a safety hazard.
  • Our DOORS WILL LOCK during class time to prevent people from walking in unannounced. This is for your privacy and safety. If you’re running a few minutes behind due to work, traffic, or just the day getting away from you, send us a message ASAP to let us know to keep the door open for you.
  • Students who arrive more than 15 minutes after the start of their class will not be admitted and will not receive a refund.


  • All bookings should be done through our software, fitli.
  • Walk-ins are allowed! Please arrive a few minutes early if you’re booking a walk-in class so that we have time to process you. Please note that classes may fill and that classes may be canceled prior to start time due to any unforeseen circumstances, so we may not be able to admit you as a walk-in.
  • Classes booked online in advance should be booked up to 2 hours in advance of class time.
  • Private appointments can be booked up to 24 hours in advance. 


  • On occasion, HPPS will have to cancel classes for the day (due to extreme weather, holidays, etc). These cancellations will be conveyed to you as soon as we know. You’ll receive an email, a notification through fitli, and a text if we have your phone number. If HPPS cancels a class that you booked, you will receive the class pass credit to use within a month.
  • If you booked a class and later want to cancel, you have until 2 hour before class begins to cancel. Otherwise, it will be counted as a no-show and no refunds will be given.
  • If you booked a private appointment and later want to cancel, you have until 2 hours before your appointment to cancel. Otherwise, it will be counted as a no-show and no refunds will be given.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your class structure like?

Most of our classes are designed to be about 75 minutes long. This time includes warm ups, conditioning drills, class content, and a cool down period. You may notice that we allot each class an hour and a half – the extra 15 minutes is for us to clean and disinfect the studio space before the next class comes in. This extra time also gives a transition period for everyone coming in and out, and many of our students use this time to record photos or videos of themselves performing tricks or combos that they learned that day! We completely encourage you keeping track of your progress as a poler – as long as it’s done AFTER class! Show respect by keeping your phones away during instruction time.

What if I’m late or miss class?

Please don’t be late! We recommend that all students show up 15 minutes before class begins. Coming late disrupts the instructor and all students, and it detracts from your paid class time. Plus, proper warm ups are vital to preventing injury! We understand that sometimes things happen – traffic, home emergencies, etc. However, any students more than 15 minutes late will NOT be allowed into class. Please message your instructor as soon as you know you may miss class so that we are aware. There will be NO refunds for classes missed without at least 1 hours notice. Class space is limited, and not showing up takes away from other students’ opportunities!

What do I bring to class?

We will be using yoga mats for warm-ups, flexibility, and booty barre classes so it is recommended to bring your own – however, we do have mats and blocks in-house that are free for you to use. Don’t forget a bottle of water (but we have water for sale, too)!

What should I wear?

Pole dancing requires skin to be able to grip and move your body up and down the pole. For pole and conditioning classes, we recommend shorts and a tank top or sports bra to maximize your available body grip. For flexibility classes, wear what you’re most comfortable in! Leggings, shorts, t-shirts – as long as you can move and sweat, we’re okay with it. All classes are BAREFOOT, though heels can be worn in some pole movement classes with teacher approval. NO JEWELRY on the poles! Rings and bracelets can scratch and ruin the integrity of the poles, and we don’t want damage on our end or yours! We have a changing area available for you to switch between your street clothes and pole clothes.

Wait, heels? What kind of heels?

Platform heels and boots! Pole dancers use specialized shoes to elongate the body, perform specific movements, and create more appealing shapes. Shoes are usually between 6” and 10” tall and come in a variety of styles. If you’d like to wear heels, go for it! We like ours from pleasershoes.com and clubhellaheels.com, but you can find pairs all over the internet to find out what suits you best. These shoes require lots of practice to be able to walk and move safely, but the result is a sexy and beautiful dance form that we love.

I’m out of shape – can I still come to classes?

Of course! There is no one “pole dance shape.” Even among our instructors, you’ll see a variety of body types and abilities – and that’s okay! Pole is for everyBODY. Our classes are designed to build up the strength and flexibility required for you to safely pole dance, no matter your size or athletic ability. Many tricks and moves require your body to bend and hold positions you may have never thought possible – we’ll get you there! If you have prior injuries that limit your abilities, please let your instructors know so we can accommodate you and modify tricks to prevent further injury.

I don’t identify as a woman – are my pole opportunities limited?

Not in the slightest. Pole dance is not limited to gender or sexuality, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. At High Priestess Pole Studio, we believe that every person has a balance of masculinity and femininity inside themself, and we want to nurture the feminine energy of flow, emotion, creativity, and openness – but that doesn’t mean that we’re a womxn-only studio! We pride ourselves on providing space for everyone, with no judgement or limitations – no matter how you identify.

Am I too young/old for pole dance?

Due to some of the more adult content in our music and dancing, High Priestess is an 18+ pole studio. However, there’s no such thing as being too old! Whether you’re 18 or 108, you deserve to feel sexy, strong, and confident.

Is pole dancing the same as stripping?

Short answer – no. Pole dance is a sport, plain and simple. Though there are several types of pole dance, most people’s first thought is about the more sensual side of the sport. But! Pole dancing also includes styles ranging from dramatic and emotional to sporty and entertaining. That being said, we support sex workers! There is nothing wrong or dirty with stripping or dancing for money, and we respect that so much of our sport has evolved from the work of exotic dancers. We do not discriminate against sexual content or sex workers, and we ask that you have the same respect for all members of the pole community.

What is your privacy policy?

To promote our studio and our sport, we’ll often take photos of students in class to showcase what we’re doing and keep track of everyone’s progress. These photos may be used on our website and social media pages. In your membership contract, there will be a statement of release to allow your photos to be published. If you don’t want your picture online publicly, no problem! We recognize that some people would like their pole dance journey to be kept private for personal or professional reasons, and that will be respected.