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Pole basics

These classes are designed for those who are just starting their pole journey. We’ll work on grips, seats, climbs, and conditioning fundamental building-block pole moves. No experience necessary!

Intro to choreo

These classes will focus on building the foundational elements of creating a pole dance. We’ll teach you dance moves, tricks, and transitions, and each calendar month will culminate in learning a full routine based off what was taught in the previous weeks. No previous dance or pole experience is necessary! We’ll condition some fundamentals, but these are mainly dance-focused classes.


Down to get sexy? Ready to grind? These classes are going to get spicy, so be prepared. Wear your heels if you got ’em, socks if you don’t. Kneepads, thigh highs, or leggings are highly encouraged. Want to get naked to feel your sexiest? Unfortunately we can’t promote full nudity, but as long as you got your tits, dicks, and lips covered, it’s fine by us.


Have all your pole building blocks? Awesome – let’s get you in the air. Intermediate polers will be taking the foundational pole lessons taught in intro classes and applying them to more advanced positions. Prerequisites for this class: we’ll be moving our tricks up the pole, so it’s essential that you’re comfortable and safe up in the air. While a strong invert is not necessary, you must feel comfortable with a climb and your jasmine.


This is a conditioning class designed specifically to help with muscles and dynamics necessary for pole dancing! We’ll work on flexibility, strength, and mobility that can help anyone – from the most inexperienced newbie to advanced polers. Come break a sweat with us! Shorts may be necessary; wear what’s comfortable and bring options! This will be WHOLE-BODY, not just booties. But booties will be worked.


Whether you’re new to pole or have been practicing for years, you might want some one-on-one attention – we’ve got you covered. Private sessions with our instructors are available to book in one- or two-hour sessions. You can also come to the studio for pole work on your own time – all class memberships include access to our Open Pole time slots, and you can Rent-a-Pole for additional practice time as needed.


Our instructors

anjannette roczniak

Anjannette is the backbone behind High Priestess Pole Studio – our original founder and inspiration. She’s been pole dancing for nearly a decade, and she’s a gem.

shyla lintz

Shyla started dancing as a student of Anjannette’s, and joined her in 2020 as one of the founders of High Priestess. A lifelong athlete, she loves the freedom of pole.

kelly cutrona

Kelly started as a High Priestess student and has advanced stunningly, growing into not just a beautiful dancer but a wonderful teacher.